What is the PMS Calendar?

This joyful His & Hers PMS Calendar is a breakthrough product that combines humor, insight and compassion with a practical perspective to help you to understand PMS easily. You can start using this calendar right away. It’s based on a menstrual cycle, not on the calendar year. This self help guide to premenstrual syndrome is written in down to earth language that both men and women can relate to. Lists of do’s and don’t s turn stereotypes about the opposite sex into useful advice.

PMS Relief!

Strong relationships depend on clear communication. Sometimes as men and women we have difficulty expressing our feelings. When we fail to make the effort, its negative psychological and physiological effects maybe seen in our lives. Couples who use the calendar to monitor her emotional and physical needs won’t need to be psychic. She will feel more comfortable asking for support and he will learn how to support her in the way she wants to be supported.

Gaining knowledge of her health needs and practicing how to love by using the calendar can help reduce tensions that are caused by PMS. Her well being, calmness and sense of control will benefit her loved ones as well as herself. Children will be helped tremendously, since they are likely to be the most confused by PMS symptoms.

PMS has been around as long as women have. Although the severity and specific symptoms may vary, Premenstrual Syndrome affects the thoughts, feelings and actions of those who suffer from it. Surveys show that 10% of women have symptoms so severe that they cannot function regularly.

Unfortunately, most cultures and religions throughout history have not encouraged people to discuss PMS openly. This has caused massive confusion between women, men and children. Many people are embarrassed to talk about menstruation directly. We must continue to search for effective treatments of PMS and alternative ways of dealing with each other.

  •  40 pages at 12″ x 11″
  •  Text and full colored illustrations
  •  Physical & emotional discomfort tips
  •  A monthly communication chart
  •  A yearly menstrual calendar
  •  and a playful list of do’s & don’t s for Him & for Her.

This fun to use PMS Calendar is a great gift anniversaries, bridal showers, and Valentine’s Day.