Why PMS Calendar For Her?

What Can It Do For Her?

How to:

  • Pinpoint her physical and emotional discomforts
  • Monitor and record her feelings and needs.
  • Ask for emotional and physical support.
  • Reduce her PMS symptoms and improve her overall health.
  • Give yourself a break.
  • Reduce tension with humor.
  • Enlighten him.
  • Prevent next month‘s problems today.
  • See the sharp curve in advance on your chart and prepare for a smooth turn.

What Can It Do For Him?

How to:

  • Observe his partner.
  • Validate her feelings.
  • Share and show his affection with her .
  • Delight her.
  • Be part of the solution.
  • Give complete control of remote control.
  • Use his tool for making peace that leads to romance, not to turbulence.
  • Minimize damaging arguments.
  • Support her with patience and compassion.
  • Be prepared – and ready to duck.
  • Face her mood swings and don’t run out of Ben and Jerry’s.

His & Hers PMS Calendar on The Doctors TV show.

With this PMS calendar, I can tune in to my woman every step of the way.

I can see what she feels and what she needs.

I am a better listener now!