Top 10 PMS Do’s & Donts For Him



Top Ten Do’s & Donts For Him

  1. Do be an observant partner: notice her mood swings and prepare to duck.
  2. Do listen and validate her feelings, even about her mother who said, “Don’t marry that jackass.”
  3. Do fun things with her that make her feel good. Refer back to the beginning of the relationship.
  4. Do take more time for foreplay- as much time as you spend washing and polishing your car.
  5. Do compliment her on her new outfit, even if it’s three sizes too small.
  6. Do massage her feet at the end of the busy day.
  7. Do take her out to romantic dinner and tell the waiter it’s her birthday.
  8. Do the four loads of laundry and fold them neatly.
  9. Do things that you know she wants done without waiting for her to ask you. Read her mind.
  10. Never leave the toilet seat up-especially in the middle of the night.