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Posted on 8, April 2014

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its seems so sad that every month my wife and i fight for hours about the same thing we fought about last month. she feels that i think she’s crazy, but ….I’m to blame for some of the anger but not the loud outburst and the physical violence that often accompanies this fighting. my parents fought but i thought it was because they were just alcoholics!!!! we seem to have a normal relationship otherwise. but she will not read nor entertain the fact her hormone levels cause her to go ballistic and want a divorce every month. she refuses to accept the facts and wont read a book…all the neighbors must think I’m an animal but I’m not a violent guy and one I’m afraid the cops might come to arrest me for domestic violence. I don’t drink aor smoke and never been arrested. but you know the woman is always right ..it scares me sometime. She denies everything always. Please send me the PMS Calendar fast.