How does it work?

This calendar helps couples communicate at optimal levels through one of the most trying phases of each month. On a colorful grid, women note their varying degrees of discomfort and learn how to clue men in to their needs. At the same time, simple tips on stress relief and physical comfort offer useful advice and information.


Necessity is the mother of invention

This compassionate calendar makes full use of modern research demonstrating that a calendar record of PMS goes a long way toward diminishing its impact. Couples can begin using it any time they like – the customized timetable revolves around the user’s menstrual cycle.

Mark Dereci, the creator of this calendar, was introduced to PMS by his six sisters. Subsequent personal and professional relationships led him to an awareness of the universal nature of PMS suffering. As the only man working in an office with seven women, he knew he had to share the information and his experiences with a wider audience. It was time to learn more. Dereci approached health and medical experts. Thus the His and Hers PMS calendar was born.

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