PMS Calendar, Interpreting PMS Signs 0

Posted on 13, May 2009

in Category PMS

When I am overly emotional, looking for an opportunity to fight,and angry. just see the signs that I need your comfort. when I  want my space, but I don’t wont to be left alone, andI can’t be consistent, like five minutes I am OK,and the next mystery.just see the signs that I need your attention. if everything I say would lead to an argument and,when you ask me? what is the best way to approach this,and I don’t give you a straight answer, just see the signs that I need your patient. when it’s the time of the month,if I  get mad,don’t think that I hate you,don’t jump to the conclusion that something terribly wrong with our relationship. if we keep the his and hers PMS calendar it will be more clear to both of us. it’s as well sign of caring.


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