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PMS & PMDD Consultants are specialists who have spent years studying the effects of the menstrual cycle and helping men and women cope with it.  We offer sound advice and concrete tools in a tutorial-like system to aid you discuss, handle and improve problems connected to these issues.  PMS & PMDD Consulting is not therapy, but it is education.


Do you feel irritable? Do you suddenly want to cry for no reason? Do you lash out physically or verbally toward the people you love?

Consulting for Women

Before your menstrual cycle begins, are you depressed, confused, clumsy, forgetful, withdrawn, fearful, paranoid or just plain out-of-control? Do you get anxious? Do you crave foods like chocolate and cheese? Do you even feel suicidal sometimes?

If you do, PMS or PMDD may be destroying your life.

Now it’s time to change. If you’re fed up of temporary or useless solutions, you don’t have to stick with them.

Do you want your symptoms to keep wrecking your life and relationship with faminy and your spouse? Do you want your partner and kids to be confused and upset by your monthly symptoms?

Need to talk to someone with answers, who’s knowledgeable, compassionate, humorous and effective?

Take the next step to bettering your life — today.

Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to schedule your FREE 20-minute consultation.


Want to become a detective?

Consulting for men

Do you want to find out about the root causes of your partner’s mood swings, find sympathy for her menstrual symptoms, develop humor, compassion and tolerance for the woman you love?

It may take a mechanic only 15 minutes to figure out an overheating car. The female mind is much more complex — but we can help you understand. Learn to master the intricacies of the human mind with the help of a specialist in PMS and PMDD.

Men can comprehend the most complicated math and science, but interpreting women’s emotions can be frustrating and disappointing because male and female ways of thinking are fundamentally different.  You need someone with the skill-set to help you truly understand.  Remember: A simple mood swing can cost you thousands. One out-of-control spending spree could be $1,000. Multiply that by 12, and you’re $12,000 in the hole each year.

If you value your relationship, if your family matters to you, if you want to learn more about the dynamics of menstrual issues, if you are open to new ideas and suggestions — PMS & PMDD Consulting is for you.


Complete the ‘Consultation Contact Form’ below and you will be contacted by CoolPress about your *FREE 20-minute consultation. Please read our privacy policy, everything is kept in strict confidence.

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How Does PMS & PMDD Consulting Work?

How Much Does It Cost?

PMS & PMDD Consulting begins with a free consultation. Request your free consultation now by completing the form above. PMS & PMDD Consulting happens in a series of three sessions, with each session lasting one hour, preferably with ten days in between each session. In the first session, we get general information about you and look at the big picture. It requires good detective work to discover your strengths at first.

In the second session, we may explore the weak links within you and provide you with tools and strategies to improve them.

In our third session we will work on the areas that we have discovered together, and provide you with some tools and suggestions to help you manage your symptoms.

Generally three sessions are plentiful to give you ideas, tools and strategies so you can work on your own. If you’d like, additional sessions can be scheduled if you need to boost your progress.

  • Each session is one hour. The fee for an hourly rate is $175; the fee for half an hourly rate is $90
  • For couples the fee for a session is $220
  • If paid in advance the fee for three sessions is $450

We offer private, confidential PMDD &PMS Consultation for all women regardless of their sexual orientation.

This saying could be considered a clichés, but it is very true.
“If you always do what you have always
done you will always be what you have always been”
If you want to break the unpleasant cycle of sadness and high stress
then “You have to be the change you want to see in your life and take the step”.

If you think you can benefit from PMS & PMDD Consulting please contact us using the form on this page. This information is sent securely to our private email and will always be strictly confidential. We will contact you within 1-2 business days, and decide on a mutually suitable time to set up a short conversation. This free consultation gives you the possibility to share with us what you are looking to get out of our time together, ask any questions and make sure that PMS & PMDD Consulting is right for you.

*Our free consultation requires a fully refundable $15 deposit, which will be returned in full if you choose not to continue with PMS & PMDD Consulting. If you do schedule more sessions with us, the $15.00 deposit will be used towards your payment.